Tale of Two Cities Essay Topics…

Tale of Two Cities Essay Topics…What Topics can be Chosen?
Tale of two cities essay topics can be chosen only when a person knows the complete story of the novel. French revolution is the back drop for the story, it is written by one of the world renowned writers- Charles Dickens. He is the author of many well known books like the Pickwick series, great expectations, etc. he was one of the most popular authors in the ‘Victoria period’. One can do a separate essay writing on the author itself.
A tale of two cities is a novel that came out in the year 1859, during the time of the French Revolution. It is one of the most famous fiction stories and holds the record of the most printed original English book. The tale of two cities essay topics can be on the construction of this book, how this book was received, etc. a separate term paper writing or research paper writing can be done on this alone. The main characters of this novel are Dr. Mannette- father of Lucy and who is wrongfully imprisoned in France for 18 years, Lucie Manette- daughter of Dr. Mennet who tries to bring her father from France and later wife of Charles Darney, Charles Darney- he is a French aristocrat who falls victim to the revolution though he is a good hearted man, , Sydney Carton- a British barrister who leads a meaningless life and who falls in love with Lucy. These are the main characters in the book. A character study can be given as a topic.
There are also other powerful characters like: Madame Defarge- a woman full of vengeance and actively participates in the revolution and has a strong memory, married to Ernest Defarge, and Monsieur Defarge- former employee of Dr. Mennet and the one who keeps him safe, Jarvis Lorry: A long-time banker at Tellson’s and a fiercely loyal family friend to the Manettes, Monseigneur the Marquis: Charles Darnay’s cruel and corrupt uncle and despises the French peasants. The tale of two cities essay topics can be on these two topics. Madame Defarge’s character stays in the reader’s mind even after finishing the novel.
Analyzing each character can also be taken as short essay topics or even for English essay topics. The entire novel is about how Lucy gets into France in the midst of the French revolution between the aristocrats and the peasants of France and how she brings back her father along with her husband back to England. It is a very touching novel with a mix of romance and tragedy. The novel gets over with a twist in the end.
It can be given in the form of student essay also. Students can be asked to read the book and topics can be delegated to them after they finish reading. This will encourage the students to get into the habit of reading. The book is based on the famous French revolution, the tale of two cities essay topics can be on the revolution also.
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