Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

Examples of Persuasive Essay TopicsPersuasive essay topics are a little hard to write when compared with other essays. As often written by students, there are mainly four types of essays. They are descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. In the case of a descriptive essay the writer should make the reader understand the subject through his senses. He should be able to see, smell, hear and feel what he reads. In the case of a narrative essay, it is more of a sequence of events put in the order that they happened rather than the description of certain subjects. However, in an expository essay, the writer has to tell the reader how to do a certain action or a set of actions.
Custom essays are custom research papers are usually based on these. Persuasion is something that is followed everywhere now. It is the mantra behind advertising. What do they do when they advertise a product? They list all the benefits that the prospective customers may derive when they but the product. Persuasive essay topics also do almost the same. Advertisers present to the viewers, the testimonials of previous customers. In that way, the viewers/listeners get to know what the product might do to them. There are various strategies that advertisers take up when they advertise a particular product – the budget of the consumers, the target audience, and the media available and so on. If the size of the budget is large, they would be able to do perhaps a better advertisement. If they get a slot on the television, they can inform the audience better and so on. All this is done so that their prospective consumers are persuaded enough to buy their product.
Similarly, even in a persuasive essay, the writer presents facts and figures and examples to persuade the readers to do an action. But it cannot be said that advertisements and persuasive essays are the same. There is not much personal benefits derived from writing a persuasive essay as in the case of advertisement, except perhaps the identity obtained by the writer. Otherwise, the writer wants the reader to see the why they should perform the action, what the benefits are, etc.
Persuasive essay topics can be based on a lot of subjects. Some of them are the following.
• Why should you stop watching the television?
• Say ‘No’ to tobacco!
• Why should you be honest?
• Why should exams be conducted?
• Stop polluting the atmosphere!
• Stop using plastic!
These are some examples of topics that can be used to write a persuasive essay. In topics such as ‘Say No to tobacco’, you can explain the harmful effects of tobacco and present facts and figures of the number of deaths and diseases it has cause and can also outline a few ways to stop using it. Thus persuasive essay topics should make the readers do what the writer wants them to! Use essay help to write your student essay better and enhance your essay writing skills!
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