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Photo essay topicsWhat is a Photo?
Photo essay topics can be chosen once the person knows what a photo is. The term ‘photograph’ means a representation of a subject in the form of a print captured with a natural element called light and recorded by an artificial element called camera. A film is a series of images whereas a photo is freezing a moment. Earlier when photo was invented, it was considered a substitute for painting. Photography is a wide range of subject; the topics can be taken for college essay topics or even for best essay topics. Any number of topics can be covered for photograph. Photography has undergone a huge change from the time it was invented.
Photo essay topics can be on the rules of photography for composition. Composition is placing the subjects in the camera. There are two main rules: rule of thirds and golden mean rule. The screen of the camera has totally eight grids; the rule explains how the subjects are placed under each rule. The rule of thirds states that the objects should be placed on the intersecting points of the grids. The golden mean rule states that the objects should be placed in the corners. Like this, there are many rules to photography. Topics can be based on such rules. The writers can be encouraged to give pictorial representations also to make the article more interesting.
The history of photography is very interesting. It started as black and white with the photographers carrying huge plates for capturing the image from one place to another. It was not easy to carry from place to place and many preferred to have their cameras at a single place. Now, the photographs can be digitally taken, the cameras have started coming on match box sizes and people can manipulate the images with various software like adobe Photoshop, Maya etc. the history of photography can be taken as photo essay topics. Photography has undergone many changes from its invention till now. They will be ideal topics for research paper writing and term paper writing.
There are world famous photographers. These photographers were famous for different types of photography. Henry Cartier Bresson is one of the earliest photographers who is well-known to the world even now and who is a legend among the professional photographers. He was famous for his street photography and real life photography and one who told the world that photograph can be taken based on a real life also. Like him there are many other famous photographers. Their life history and works will make an interesting essay writing or even a student essay.
There are many genres in photography some of them are: the black and white photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, product photography, photo journalism, news photography, silhouettes, photo composition, nude photography, animal photography, natural photography, etc. all these genres are both fascinating and interesting by themselves. Each genre can be taken for photo essay topics. Taking a photo is also a form of an art. One can write an article on why photography is termed as an art.
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