The Do’s and Don’ts of Descriptive Essay Topics

The Do’s and Don’ts of Descriptive Essay TopicsDescriptive essay topics are any topic that prompts the writer into giving an explanation for something. It can b anything from an animal to a recent technology. Anybody from children to older people will be able to write a descriptive essay. This genre can be of any type, it can be in the form of essay writing or term paper writing or research paper writing. It can be a short article or a 500 word article or an article that goes for pages. The style and the format of an article depend on the topic that is given and the number of words to be written.
These topics can be on anything unlike specific essay topics like the short essay topics or the Shakespeare essay topics which concentrates on a single field which are music or films. Descriptive essay topics can be on any fields, be it music, art, film, technology, biology or English, the only rule is that the topic should be on something that will make the writer into giving a description for that particular subjects. The term description is not just an introduction or a definition to a particular subject. It should state what the subject is all about, an introduction, its features, characteristics, its derivation (if there is any), its advantages and disadvantages, if it is related to any other field, its parts, its role etc. depending on the type of topic that has to be described.
Here are some of the do’s and don’ts while selecting the descriptive essay topics:
• “Give the advantages and the disadvantages on Edusat”- this is not a descriptive type of essay topic. This topic asks only for the PRO’s and CON’s of a particular subject and not the description of what the subject actually is.
• A descriptive essay need not necessarily have statistics. But it can have diagrams as the description can be better understood. One can choose topics that have diagrams in it. This will make the topic more interesting to write. These topics can be given for a student essay(4).
• Be innovative with the topics. Try not to use the word ‘describe’ in the topic when choosing topic for high school and college students or professionals. This will cry aloud that the essay should be in the descriptive form.
• If one wants 360 degree information on a particular subject, make sure that it is stated in the question.
• Descriptive form of writing is very general. Do not ask for specific points in a subject. This will not be descriptive; it will be a totally different form of essay.
• Topics for a descriptive essay are the best form of outlet to showcase the writer’s creative ability. Create topics that are not always subject based. Give topics that bring out the creative side of the writers.
These are some of the do’s and don’ts that can be considered by people before forming the descriptive essay topics.
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