Shakespeare Essay Topics – A Source of Enlightenment!

Shakespeare Essay Topics – A Source of Enlightenment!If you like English literature, you would now be in love with William Shakespeare’s contribution to it. The great poet who is also a playwright has left his footprints on the language and even the greatest of tides cannot wash it away. Shakespeare essay topics should be creative and different so as to do justice to the rich content. The contributions of Shakespeare are so many that they can fill up a big ocean. They are very intellectual and unique. People also perform research on the literary works and earn a PhD! And the parts they research can be compared to a few drops in the ocean of Shakespeare’s works! There is also a separate field of study called the Shakespearean Literature where the excellent works by him are analyzed and researched and a custom research paper is presented. There are also many criticisms as there are appreciations as any genius should deserve. English essay topics are mostly based on Shakespeare’s works. Shakespeare was born centuries back in the year 1564; though he died in 1616, his contributions to English literature make sure that he lives for eternity.
Shakespeare essay topics should contain the essence or core subject of the play on which the essay is being written. His plays have covered a lot of genres such as comedy, history, tragedy, romance and so forth. He has also acted in some of his own plays. In his fifty two years, he has accomplished what it would take any other person more than a few lifetimes put together! The famous Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello etc are some of his contributions that form a part of English as a subject in school. Some of his beautiful, famous poems include Sonnet 116, a lover’s complaint, The Phoenix and the Turtle, Venus and Adonis and so on. If a person takes a mere excerpt from one of his plays or poems and researches and analyzes it, it could take days for him to realize the meaning and master it. Shakespeare essay topics can also be based on such researches. Small excerpts from the plays are taken as research materials also. There are also many reviews and criticisms, as previously mentioned. A literature review sample may enlighten one better on this subject.
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