Important Components of Research Paper

Important Components of Research PaperResearch paper writing is the most common assignment type conducted in universities these days. It gives an opportunity to the students to explore about their topic thoroughly. Research writing is a quite lengthy process which involves various steps and components that are included in Research paper. Reading about the topic and its various parts is the most important step to start with the topic. Components of research paper are the most important part of the entire paper. They decide the format of a research paper. They may differ a bit according to the topic. However, there cannot be a major difference in the universal format. This essay will help you understand basic components required in research writing. These components are-
Cover page – A Cover Page is the first page of the paper which is designed to give a first impression about the research paper to the reader.
Brief Description – Brief description is a short note written by the author to describe his/her research to the reader as a summary according to his/her personal experience.
Introduction – Introduction is an official short description written in the research file before the final content is given. It is like a short summary given to the reader in professional language which is not based on author’s personal experience with the research.
Outline of Research process – Outline is one of the most important components of a research paper. It describes the entire research process to the reader giving him a very clear idea about how this research has been conducted by the author. It contains various steps about formulation of final research content.
Research Content – This is the final research content. This is also the main part of any research content. It is the final content i.e. Research and Description of the topic as well as sub-topics.
Comparison – Several views maybe be combined while writing the final content. In comparison part of Research Paper the author compares these different views with each others. He/she also appreciates and criticizes these different views from other research and term papers at the same time. This Component of Research Paper contains detailed and distinguished views from different authors.
Conclusion – Conclusion is a very crucial part of a research paper. A Research paper is considered incomplete if it does not has conclusion in it.
References – While writing a research paper it is very important to write traceable source information from which the research has been made. References are essential in research paper.
Research writing involves active and critical thought process, outlining or planning the process of entire research. It is important to understand these components before submitting your final research. These components give a professional structure to a research paper. It is vital to follow this structure while writing a research paper. Missing out certain components such as Cover Page, Introduction, Comparison, Conclusion and References can even result in rejection of your research assignment. Research Methodology is a discipline that is designed to understand all about research and its requirements. This discipline gives us a very descriptive idea about various components of research paper.
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