Constructing Simple Essay Topics is Perhaps the Most Complex Thing!

Constructing Simple Essay Topics is Perhaps the Most Complex Thing!Any written content has a purpose to it. That purpose or message is given in a brief and crisp manner in the title. An essay is a short piece of writing that is ranges from three hundred to five hundred words depending upon the theme and the subject matter. The essay topic is a phrase and contains not more than ten words at the maximum. A tell tale title is sure to bore the readers to distraction. Whereas, simple essay topics are enjoyed by them as they convey the message in a crisp but clear way. It is very easy to write a long title but, no sir, it is not appreciated! All that is required is for the message to be conveyed as short and effective a manner as possible. The shorter the number of words becomes the more challenging the task becomes. After all, that is what writers are paid for.
Essays are of many types. Among them, the most widely preferred are descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. The title for an essay depends on the essay type and the nature of the audience that it targets. If the subject matter is something that holds the interest of children, the approach that the title should adopt is different. If it targets men or women, the approach is different. So, the intended message can be put in different words so as to reach the target audience effectively. That is the objective of simple essay topics.
Why is it that these topics should be the most complex thing? Well, from the readers’ point of view the topics might look very simple and easy. But they hardly know what went on in the minds of the writers to construct these simple but effective topics. It is complex because the essence of the core matter of the entire essay has to be put in a few words – a few meaningful, attractive, simple but very effective words. The ‘Simple’ and ‘effective’ combination is a nightmare for writers but a perhaps dream come true for the clients! An essay with a word limit of five hundred can be written in about a half hour. But a caption would take more than that because there are so many things to be considered before coming up with it. For simple essay topics to be effective, the message intended to be conveyed should be written down clearly. It is only after this that one can think in similar lines for words that would best convey them. Remember, these words should be simple, comprehensible and attractive. This is in the case of custom essays. For custom research papers, the title can be long because the objective of the research is stated briefly in the title and the importance given to attractive, catchy words takes a backseat.
A student essay has a topic that is simple and is etched in the minds of the readers. So, essay writing and constructing simple essay topics are skills to be mastered!
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