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How to write essayMany students that are new to the concept of essay writing have a lot of trouble when they are asked to write on a certain topic. There are several questions that are put up by students, which range from general to specific questions about how to write essay. With all the resources that are available on the internet life is much easier and you can easily research any essay topic and write on it. If you only use search engines you will still be able to find enough material that will provide you with enough information on how to write essay. Still to save time you need to have an idea on how an essay is to be composed.
Through an essay you can make a point talking about a topic of your interest. You can write on a range of topics; mathematics, arts, physics, biology, economy. Apart from these topics you can also try narrowing down you parameter and take the essay in whatever direction you want to. This is a big advantage when you write essay because you can easily write about any issue you want to and whatever you want to write about it as long as you are able to justify your point of view through the use of reasoning and logic. You can use an essay to persuade, narrate, describe or clarify a situation.
The first and the most basic thing that you need to do before you start writing an essay is, think of a topic. There are certain things that you need to consider before you start writing; you need to make sure that the topic that you choose for writing is something your audience is able to relate, because trying to explain something that the readers have no interest in will be futile because the reader will most probably not even read half of the essay before they lose interest. Also, you need to see if the essay will be feasible and if enough information is available for you to write essay.
Once you have the topic ready the next thing is to write the thesis statement. This primarily provides the reader the idea of what is contained in the entire composition. In other words it gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the essay. This statement needs to be there in the first paragraph but that is not a hard and fast rule and the writer is free to place it where ever he thinks it will be most effective.
The next few paragraphs will be the body of the essay that will provide the reader with reasons that will help clarify the point of view of the writer. One thing that needs to be ensured with the reasons is that they are clearly and properly stated. There should be a proper flow of ideas, as it leads to uniformity in the essay and keeps the reader interested throughout. Lastly when you write essay you need to make sure that the essay is proof read before it’s turned in.
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