Planning Persuasive essay topics…

Planning Persuasive essay topics…What is a Persuasive Essay?
Unlike other English essay topics, persuasive essay topics are of a particular genre. They cannot be written in general. Many people do not know the term ’persuasive’. Persuasive essay can also be called as an argumentative essay. The essay should use a logical reason supported by proper reference to prove that a certain point is correct or legitimate. It persuades the people to believe in a particular idea or point of view. One of the most important points of such essays is that they should have a sound reasoning, valuable points. It is important to use examples form of essay writing.
A careful planning is required for choosing the persuasive essay topics. Interesting research topics that are in the form of argument or persuasion can be taken as topics for a persuasive essay or a persuasive article. While choosing topics, plan accordingly. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Before choosing, think which stand the writers will take. Do not choose a topic which is unanimously supported by all the writers or a topic that all the writers are against. Choose a topic for the writers will take different stand. For example, one writer will be in support of the topic, one writer will be against and another writer will be neutral and so on. This will give a statistical analysis of what the audience feels about the particular topic.
2. Before choosing any persuasive essay topics, one should be well informed about the topic. This is important while examining the essays, one will be able to say if the writer had taken the right point of view for the topic.
3. At times, the topics might be subjective. This type of topics will be best when thinking for the college essay ideas. This form of topics for persuasive essay can be chosen for students to make them thinking.
4. Choose topics that will encourage the writers into researching. With this, they will be able to gain knowledge on what research paper writing is. This will be an additional benefit to the writers.
5. An important point – the topics should open an argument. The writers should be able to counter each others’ points and prove that their points are correct with suitable reference if not with a sound argument. This can be only done if there are different writers with different points of view.
6. The persuasive essay topics can be in the form of questions also. For example, are cartoons harmful for children?, should students be given sex knowledge after they enter into their teens?
7. The questions should not open any opinions from writers. For example, how has the world cinema changed? This question will encourage the writers into giving opinions instead of an argument. The question can be like- is there a positive or negative change in the world cinema? This will open an argument.
8. The topics should not have any restrictions in them. The writers should be given a free reign to express their points.
These are some of the points for choosing topics. If there are any doubts, one can refer to essay help for a better understanding.
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