How to write a synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essayAnother form of essay writing is synthesis essay. This is a very serious form of essay given usually at mid school or college essays. These forms of essays require you to synthesize material from different sources and then putting them into words that are simple and easy for the reader to understand. For this type of essay, using an essay plan or plot is of great importance. Without an outline writing a good synthesis essay is next to impossible, because you will have to make something out of nothing. Good analytical skills are a must for such essays if you are not able to analyze the source or the material that is given to you, you will not be able to write on it properly.
To be honest there is nothing that is impossible in writing such essays if you are able to fully understand what the source has to say. There are several ways of synthesizing the material that is at hand, the material you have to write on. You can synthesize different topics separately or you can write them in combination, because these topics are related indirectly. When you attempt to write on it separately you should make sure that the material that is provided to you is adequate for you to understand and then write on. There should be a flow of words when you write your synthesis essay or the reader will not be able to understand your work.
Most of the times, these papers are assigned when you write at high school level. This essay can also be written on a serious topic or something that is controversial, if this be the case, you must choose something that is currently a hot topic. But whatever you choose make sure you have an outline because without an outline you will not be able to write well. You will be adding or subtracting from what you have when you are doing a synthesis essay. Your work will be improved on ideas that are there or ideas that are weak and need more analysis to be able to be presented and make sense. This is the reason an outline will be able to help better in such situations.
The beginning of the essay needs to be short and simple and should be used to present ideas in a precise manner. The best way to do so is to let the reader know of what the author of the material that you are synthesizing wants or is trying to say. For this purpose its best to provide the reader with background information, as it will add credibility to what you have to say.
Synthesis essays should present all relevant ideas, be it praise or criticism. All of it needs to be done in a manner where you are able to justify what you are saying. Bias language should be avoided when writing. Finally before you turn in your work, you should ensure that you have proof read what you submit.
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