Ideas for Forming Art Essay Questions

Ideas for Forming Art Essay QuestionsWhat is an Art? What are its Divisions?
Forming art essay questions is a challenging job since “art” covers a wide range of subjects. Any form of talent can be called an art. The wide classifications of art are music, dance, writing, painting, etc. there are also other types of art like face painting, cooking, acting, photography etc. can be called as an art. Creativity, aesthetics and art go hand in hand. Art in short can be defined as the creation of an aesthetic subject using skill and creativity. There have been many definitions given to art. The major division in the art form is the fine art. The main feature of a fine art is its aesthetic sense. They have more of aesthetics than of any practical use. The visual form of art like painting and sculpture and the performing kind of art like dancing and music comes under fine art.
Before considering the art essay questions, one should know what art really is and the different forms, divisions and classifications of art. Writing about art cannot be written as a simple essay writing. If anyone wants to write about art, it will make an interesting research paper writing or term paper writing. Questions can be formed according to different sections in art:
Painting has been there for an infinitive number of years. One can say that painting became famous with Leonardo Da Vinci. His painting of Mona Lisa is still a subject of discussion even now. This can be posed as a question for a good essay. There are also other artists like Salvador Dali and Paul Klee who are known for their surrealistic paintings, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall who are known for their ‘cubism and expressionism’ style. Like this there are many artists who have their own style. Art essay questions can be on the history of these people, an analysis on their different paintings, their style, etc.
Themusic essay topics or questions on music can be on the different traditional music followed by different countries. These will make the essays interesting and it will not be like the usual music essays. Countries follow both folk music and their own form of modern music. These can be taken as topics.
Film essay topics or the film essay questions will be very interesting to write as almost everyone are interested in films. Such questions will be really helpful for students who are pursuing their communication degree. The questions can also be on the reviews on different films, the artists, advantages and disadvantages of taking a film, the history of Hollywood, history of Oscar awards, etc. the questions can also be based on different documentaries, short films and even commercial advertisements which fall under the category of films. The questions can also be in the argumentative form.
These are some of the categories for which art essay questions can be considered. One can form the questions based on the above ideas.
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