Where can I get Free Essays?

A free essay might not be the best possible solution
It is very easy to find anywhere free essays just hanging there, waiting to be downloaded and them handed in as your own work. But the problem with them is that it is very simple for the teacher to spot them. Any teacher with just a little experience will be able to tell in no time if the student wrote the essay or, on the contrary, if it was downloaded from a random site.
So what then? What should we do about the fact that writing essays is such a difficult challenge and not all the students can take it? Do not give up so fast: there are other uses you can make of essays for free. And, about writing not being your best quality, there are other possible answers as well…
How on Earth did the teacher know…?
That you may wonder after you fail the essay or worse, you get an academic punishment for attempting to cheat. The ugly truth is that it is very simple for any teacher to spot a free essay downloaded from the Internet. You think you know a great essay web site? Your teacher knows it too. Any free software available would allow the examiner to compare your essay to the one online. And, if you happen to hand in a great free essay when you are usually a C minus student, you can bet it will get the teacher suspicious.
Things you can take from a free essay
Any free essay you downloaded from an essay samples web site can be used just as that: a sample. You may learn from reading it, and then copy some things as it style, the linking words or the sentence formation. They can provide you with topic ideas or some clues on how to introduce or close the essay. Reading random essay introductions or abstracts may even get you inspired for writing your own work. So don’t be afraid of searching the web for samples, as long as you keep considering samples.
Of course, you should better download more than one single essay, otherwise, if you read just one, you will end up copying from it without even realizing what you are doing. And even if you decide to extract a whole paragraph from an essay sample, little writing tricks as paraphrasing (that means, expressing the same ideas but with different words), using synonyms and pronouns to avoid literal repetitions or changing the sentence structure can be really helpful and save you a lot of time.
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