How Cause and Effect Manifests Essay

How Cause and Effect Manifests EssayCause and effect also known as Causality is the very basic universal phenomenon. We can also call it as equilibrium in various disciplines. Causality is the reason for how everything starts and manifests in what it becomes. While going through cause and effect essay we will study that mathematical concept of probability is a segment of cause and effect which concludes that each cause can manifest according to different probabilities. We cannot predict the exact effect of a cause. According to quantum physics, our emotions (cause) are always in a perfect symmetry with what manifests (effect) in our life. This law is applicable with whatever we are feeling on a regular basis in our mind. It does not matter for what we are feeling is good for us or bad, our emotions which are felt on a regular basis manifests in our daily life. Psychology deals with interviewing the patient with his/her past to understand the cause of the illness he/she is suffering. It is an important procedure to diagnose the cause to remove the effect it is still pursuing on the person.
Isaac Newton’s third law of motion which states that every action has an equal or opposite reaction is a perfect example of cause and effect rule. Cause and effect essay concludes everything that is taking place right now is a result of something that has caused it to happen. The cause cannot be measured or seen most of the times. The effect is also unpredictable as it depends on the probability of various effects that a single cause might cause. However, if we study the cause deeply, we can assume some of the major probabilities that might manifest as an effect due to the cause. Quantum physics suggests that every cause or action is a perfect match for what manifests out of it as an effect. There is no single exception for this rule.
The Fountain Theory of Realms of science gives us a philosophical side of cause and effect theory within physics itself. It states that Cause cannot be observed directly most of the times. However, deep study done over centuries about animal behavior gives us a privilege to assume the effect. This is how medicine science works as there has been various research works done over decades. Mathematics also proves causality through various theories and laws which are formulated over years through research work and experiments . For example, X and Y are complimentary to exist in an equation to reach the solution. If Z occurs in the same equation, the solution will be different due to third variable. Cause and effect essay mathematically explains that each variable (effect) is a result of a primary variable (cause). However, probability explains how effect cannot be concluded for most of the causes. For example, smoking causes cancer but it is not necessary for a person who smokes to end up suffering with cancer. There can be many probabilities for a person who is smoking. There can be several causes resulting as a single effect, which cannot be observed directly until the effect occurs. For example, there can be several causes affecting a person who would suffer from schizophrenia in his later life. These causes can be manifesting in this illness in a minor or major way from the very childhood of the person.
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