How can the Essay Questions be Constructed?

How can the Essay Questions be Constructed?Preparing a list of essay questions is a very challenging job. One has to construct by going into various stages. As a matter of fact, at times essay writing might prove easier than constructing a series of essay question. There is difference in preparing a single essay question and a series of essay questions. A single essay question will be easier to form once the requirement for it is known, whereas for a set of questions, one needs to do a lot of thinking. Each essay question should be distinct from one another even if there are similarities!
For example, list of essay questions like:
• What are the Film essay topics?
• How to write Argumentative essay topics?
• How to go about in writing art and music essay topics?
• Provide a list of literature essay topics.
• Computer science essay topics.
• Goodwill essay topics.
These topics are similar yet with a difference. These are more challenging than subjective./ the writers should be creative to answer these questions.The word topic connects all the questions yet each one is distinct from each other. There is also another type:
• Pride and prejudice essay.
• Jane Eyre essay.
• An essay on pride and prejudice.
• Wuthering heights essay.
• Sherlock Holmes essay.
• An essay on the Holy Grail.
• An essay on the last supper.
• Shakespeare essay.
One cannot find the similarity in the above list of essay questions. But all come under the same subject of English literature. They can be more or less called as astudent essay since these types of questions are given to students. These questions can be in the form of topics also, it need not necessarily be in an interrogative form.
Questions for research paper writing and term paper writing should be more pronounced. It should be more specific. The above questions are general it does not direct the writers into a particular channel. The questions for the above genre should guide the writers into a particular channel. The articles can be from the writer’s personal point of view also. Here is a list of essay questions that can be considered for the above genre of questions:
• How has mass media influenced the society today? State the advantages and disadvantages of today’s mass media.
• What are the requirements for an ideal studio?
• How has global warming affected the climate around the world? State examples.
• Is development in the technology a boon or a curse? State your views with examples.
• What are the different lens defects in photography?
• Analyze the difference between a public limited company and a private limited company.
• Write down the history of five different extinct animals.
These are some of the list of essay questions that can be given for term paper and research paper writing. The questions should be specific like the above. The aim is to make the writer learn more on the subject.
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