How to write a five paragraph essay

How to write a five paragraph essayThere are various ways and forms of essay writing. They can be distinguished based on the subjects, courses, education level, writing styles etc. In order to write a good essay you need to follow several rules that will guide you to success. Even if you are not aware of what the teacher would like you can be rest assured that you will be successful as long as you are able to prove your point. The beauty of writing is that everything is in your hand. You can always select a topic and then go on to prove your argument. The basic high school essay that you may have to write is a five paragraph essay ; Introduction, body paragraph one, body paragraph two, body paragraph three and conclusion.
The introduction will be the opening for your essay. It has to be able to grab attention mainly because this will be one way you can grab the attention of your audience. The introduction will have your thesis statement which will set the idea for your essay.
Next in the five paragraph essay is the first body paragraph, this has to be a transition from the introduction and thus needs to be started connecting it to the introduction paragraph. In this paragraph comes first piece of evidence that you will provide in order to prove your argument. The evidence needs to revolve around a single theme and should be clearly stated in order to prevent confusion. This paragraph will deal with one type of argument. You need to be able to write one or two sentences in order to justify the evidence that you have provided. The paragraph then is wrapped up with a mini conclusion.
The second paragraph will be similar to the first one, you just need to provide a new argument and then justify it. This paragraph needs to start with a transitional sentence, from the theme that was used previously. The evidence you provide here too needs to be justified in a proper manner for the reader to agree with it.
Body paragraph number three of your five paragraph essay should be on the same lines as the first two body paragraphs but you need to use a different form of evidence here. This has to be a good piece of evidence because this will be the last evidence that you will be providing and then summing up the whole essay.
The conclusion which is the final paragraph provides the summary of the whole essay. This reinforces whatever has been said in the essay up till now. It just reinforces all the points and proving your point. One more important thing that you need to take care of is having a mini thesis in the paragraph that will help you conclude properly. The five paragraph essay is usually used when you have distinct evidence in the essay. This format helps the essay to be organized and help you present your research in a proper manner. If it is not done properly, the reader will lose interest really soon and thus will not read the essay any further.
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