How to Choose Writing Essay Topics?

How to Choose Writing Essay Topics?What are the Points to be Considered while Choosing Writing Essay Topics?
Finding out writing essay topics is very easy, since any number of topics can come under writing. There are many advantages in selecting topics under writing essays since the topics will be for just essay writingand the topics need not be in any particular genre like the argumentative essay topics or research paper writing or term paper writing !
Some of the advantages in selecting essay topics for writing essay are that: one need not look for particular subjective topics, the topics can be of a wide range from technical essay topics to film essay topics !- the topic can be of any genre, any type and any form of writing, there are no rules to be followed like for other particular genre of topics, the only thing that the writer should keep in mind is the group of people for whom the essay topics are going to be given. The topics should be according to age of the writers.
One more advantage of writing essay topics is that it is easy to construct the topics and the writers will be able to write these topics comfortably since there are no additional rules that need to be followed for other types of essays.
Searching for such topics need to be done in a methodical manner since a person will get confused as to which topic to take and which topic not to take! Consider the below questions before choosing the topics:
Will the writers be able to write under the topic?
Do they have some kind of basic knowledge about the topic?
How long should the essay be?
Should the article that the writers are going to write be in the form of research paper writing or term paper writing(3) or just as an essay?
Is there any specific format to be followed by the writer?
How much time should the writers be given?
One should consider all the above questions before starting to prepare the writing essay topics.
Here are some suggestions for topics:
• Film essay.
• History essay.
• Business essay.
• Music essay.
• Literary essay.
• Art and craft essay.
The above are the general essay topics. In this, the writers can have their choice on what to write. It can be more specific like:
• Paradise lost essay.
• Wuthering heights essay.
• Jane Eyre essay.
• Pride and prejudice essay.
• Kate runner essay.
• An essay on the Seven Wonders of the World.
• Global warming essay.
• An essay on social evils.
• An essay on drugs.
These essay topics are more specific and narrows down the writer’s choice of writing. They cannot be written unless the writers have some knowledge on the subject. Essays like pride and prejudice essay, Jane Eyre essay, Paradise lost essay, etc. are all given to students who are pursuing their under or post graduation degree which comes under the student essay category.
The above are the two common types in which the writing essay topics can be classified. One can choose topics depending on these two types.
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