Some Ideas for Your Globalisation Essay

Globalisation essays should contrast points of view
You were requested to write an essay on globalisation. It is not an easy topic, since you should do some research first before you can actually start writing anything about it. But globalisation is something that involves all of our lives, whether we realize about this fact or don’t. So writing a globalisation essay might be a great opportunity for you to learn a little bit more about the world outside the school walls.
What are we exactly writing about?
Sure, you have heard a thousand words the term “globalisation” (also known as globalization) for referring to some specific process that occurs in today’s world. Globalisation, in fact, is the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication and trade.
Many times the word globalisation is used to refer specifically to economic globalisation: that is the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, the spread of technology, capital flows, migration and foreign direct investment. But other times globalisation is recognized as the whole combination of economic, technological, social, cultural, political, and biological factors interacting. Culturally, globalisation can also refer to the transnational circulation of ideas, languages, or popular culture through acculturation: today, we all watch the same TV shows, eat the same fast food and dress pretty much alike, no matter where in the world do we live.
A compare and contrast globalisation essay
Globalisation essays can very well adopt the form of compare and contrast essays or argumentative essays. If you choose the first one, you may take two writers or contemporary philosophers with different oppinions about globalisation: on of them may think it is the best it could happen to the world, it democratizes the access to knowledge, etc. The other should be totally critical about globalisation and support the idea that humanity should do the best it could this undesirable process. In the last part of your essay, you can add your own opinion as well.
Argumentative globalisation essays
In case you choose to write an argumentative globalisation essay, you should choose a side and then argument it: are you for or against globalisation? Why? It is a great topic for this kind of essays, since they require a debatable topic: that is, a topic in which you can write down a thesis statement as well as its opposite. Therefore you must choose your own position, taking into account real facts that support it. You may as well choose a position which is not truly yours, but which you feel it can be easily demonstrated.
When working on argumentative essays, students should not appeal to the reader’s feelings or beliefs but, on the contrary, base their whole essay on logic and reason. For example, you can’t support globalisation by saying “it is exciting to watch films from all around the world” but instead you can provide actual facts on how much money is the national economy making by selling its products in Australia or China. That is why it is crucial, before actually starting to write, that the students do a research and be well informed about the globalisation topic.
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