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Novel Essay QuestionsWhen you ask a people what their hobbies are, they usually reel off the usual list among which is ‘reading novels’. People read novels that range from about two hundred pages to more than two thousand! Reading a novel has many benefits – for one thing, it enhances a person’s vocabulary in that language. It is also a good way to spend time – or rather, invest time. Novel essay questions are usually found as part of the curriculum for students who learn English Literature. Novels are probably innumerable. There are so many novels in so many bookstores that it is perhaps impossible to count them. There are novels of different genres such as romance, thriller, horror, mystery and so on. Novels are also classified based on the time in which they were written. Novels that were written in the Victorian Period are generally adopted for academic purposes. Novels such as Pride and Prejudice are a treat to the eyes and minds that love the English language. Such novels not only have a great story line but also inform the readers of the ways of live of those who lived in that Era. So, another main advantage of reading novels is that they are informative. Pride and Prejudice Essay Questions and Jane Eyre Essay Questions are some good examples of Novel essay questions.
Questions based on a novel are often based on the underlying message that it leaves. There are also novels like Gone with the Wind that narrate a story revolving around wars. They reveal the lifestyle, the customs and traditions, the beliefs, the politics and such other matters that existed during that time. So it is very likely that questions would be based on these. Classics always have used the English language beautifully. In fact it is quite difficult to comprehend a few words without the help of a dictionary. So these novels are rich in content, the language and the plot. That is probably why they are taken as subjects of study. People in the early periods used the English language so beautifully that the usage of the language now is reduced to insignificance next to it. They had profound knowledge of literature. So, classics usually are taken as areas of research and novel essay questions are also based on the language used. Thus, student essays and custom research papers deal with such novels.
There are also novels written as this essay is being written probably by people who aspire to contribute something valuable to the English Literature. Novels of the fantasy genre are also very interesting and are also used as subjects of study. For instance, Peter Pan is a highly celebrated character among children. Forget Peter Pan, the famous Harry Potter series, which is hardly a decade old is now being used in classrooms. Harry Potter essays are written and marks awarded. So, novels are used in academic sense as the basis for essay writing assignments. Essay help can be obtained from experts on novel essay questions.
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