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Fantastic Essay IdeasEssay Ideas to Muse Over!
Essays are written mostly by school and college students. The purpose of getting them to write an essay is to test their knowledge in the particular topic. English essay topics also have another purpose in that the vocabulary of the students. The words the use, the sentence structures, the right grammar and the idioms and phrases used in the essay reveal the student’s knowledge of the English language. The essays are mostly written on topics set by the professors. However, in certain cases, the topics are also left to the choice of the students. They can have their own essay ideas and can work on them. Under such circumstances, the students can seek the advice of the professors on what essay topic to choose and how to go about their essays. Their essay help would be very valuable. The essays can be based on a variety of subjects. There are numerous subjects that can be covered. Some of them are the following.
The essays can be based on English literature, for instance. In this area itself there are a myriad of topics to cover. Right from Shakespeare’s poems and plays, the students can analyze the period in which the literary work was done, the way the language was used and so on. They should have enough knowledge in literature to appreciate the language. They should also mention what they infer from it. Essay could also be written on classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, Jane Eyre and so on. Short stories such as those written by Oscar Wilde, O.Henry etc also form good essay ideas.
Also, one can write essays on psychology. The study of the mind is so interesting because so little is known about it. Doctors still do not know how the entire system works. All the pages in our Biology books mention only a small part of what is a bigger and a more fascinating structure. The Human mind is a wonder and psychology can leave one spellbound! So, essays can be written on the functions of the human brain, though what we know is very little but as complex. Essays can also deal with disorders and defects in the brain. Mood swings, phobias, disorders such as Multiple personality disorder, Split personality disorder, Alzheimer’s, Amnesia and so on for interesting topics for a student essay.
There are also other fields on which essays can be written. Many of those deal with science, mathematics and other such regular, conventional topics. Essays on current affairs, prospective job opportunities are other such common topics. Ideas for custom essays could also be applied to custom research papers. A detailed research can be conducted on these subjects and the results can be obtained. This could be written as a dissertation if required. Therefore these are the several essay ideas that can be adopted to write an interesting essay. Such essay topics are many and a student should perform a thorough study before writing the essay to develop good essay writing skills.
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