The best essays are those everyone loves to read

Do you ever ask yourself how is it that you don’t get more than C minus grades while other students get straight A’s? Why are some student always writing the best essays while others are always trying harder and harder for nothing? Are they just talented writers? Or is there such thing as an “essay recipe” that they know of and you don’t?
Well, the answer is somewhere in between. The sad truth is that some people are more skilled for writing tasks –and, if you have read up to here, we may assume that’s not your case-. But you can’t trust your writing skills only, since you can always learn new things and improve at writing with lots of practice.
So, don’t freak out. You can also write a great essay. Maybe not the best of the class, but truly your best essay. Do not expect them to be magical, but with these tips, you may write much better.
Improving your essay style
What exactly turns an essay into a “good” essay? There are some basic things: organization, facts display, proper quoting, the required word count and, of course, good grammar and spelling. But the essay style is also important. For example, vary your sentence extension: the best written essays alternate between long sentences and short sentences, and that makes them easier to read. Improving your essay style also means using plenty of synonyms to avoid annoying repetitions. You may also consider very carefully the choice of the essay register: keep in mind there should be a formal distance between you and the potential reader. So you may write the best written essays turning phrases like “I guess” by others a bit more formal, such as “Based on my experience”.
Getting the reader’s attention
Always remember that writing an essay is an activity that involves a lot of techniques used for getting the reader’s full attention, from the essay’s title to the very last word. The best essays are always easily readable, since they apply to the reader’s interests and motivate their curiosity by displaying little bits of information at the time. Good essays combine facts and examples, and show the writer’s own thoughts as well as an opposite point of view some readers may have. Even if the only reader is going to be your teacher when correcting it.
Remember that writing is a habit one must acquire, such as studying. If you pay attention to the given tips and practice them every single time you are requested to write an essay, you will eventually learn to write much better. And then it is just a matter of time before your work is among the best essays of the class.
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