Types Of Argumentative Essay Topics!

Types Of Argumentative Essay Topics!Argumentative essay topics need not be necessarily be controversial. There are different types of argumentative essay from which one can choose topics. One should know what an argumentative essay is before starting to choose topics. A topic that opens to two different ideas for the readers, in this type of essay the writer not only provides information but also opens an argument. These can be on any topic. One can get hold of essay help is they are still confused with. To decide and write an essay on this type, one should have a clear knowledge on what topic. The statements should not be given blindly and the writer should not give a generalized opinion. When a statement is made it should be in first person. For example, the statement should start as: I think, in my opinion, my conclusion is, etc. the statements or the results should never be generalized.
The argumentative essay topics can be in the form of film essay topics, music essay topics, etc. the topic can be decided based on three instances:
This essay will show the agreement of the writer with the subject. He or she will give the reasons for agreeing with the subject.
Totally disagree:
This essay will be on a topic on which the writer totally disagrees. He will write the reason for disagreeing completely and back his points with references.
Agree and disagree:
This essay will contain both the plus and the minus on the subject. The writer with valid points will point out on why he agrees with certain points and not agree with the others.
So the writer should choose a topic based on the above instances. The topics can also be used for science research paper topics, term paper writing, etc.
Here are a few tips while choosing argumentative essay topics:
• Choose topics that will contain two different opinions. The topic should not be such that a wide range of people agree to a single result.
• The topics should be on argumentative basis. It can be on anything from an international issue to a local issue happening in school or college.
• The topics need not necessarily be only on controversial. The writer can take any topic on which there is a difference of opinion among people.
• There should be PRO and CON to the topic.
• The topic should not be too general. The general subject that one chooses may have advantages in one field and not in the others.
• The stand for the topic should be clear. The writer should not have a dilemma during the essay writing.
• Personal feelings cannot be written as topics. One cannot force the others to have the same feeling.
• A topic that ends with a question mark cannot be used as argumentative essay topics.
• It should be a topic that can be supported with references, statistics, citation, etc.
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