Should Film Essay Topics be as dramatic as the Film?

Should Film Essay Topics be as dramatic as the Film?Film essay topics are easy to construct provided you do your homework properly. What do you usually do after watching a movie? Probably eat out with friends? Go home and sleep? Or perhaps go for another movie! Well, if you have to submit a film essay the following week, these would probably not be among the best things to do. The moment the movie is over, write down the thoughts that occur to you first, however stupid or insignificant you think they are. For all what you know, they may later be developed to form major areas of study. This is how one develops essay writing skills. Write down what you think about the casting, the direction, the actors, the cinematography and other such aspects of the film. A lot of efforts would have gone into producing a three-hour movie; it is only right when these efforts are justly appreciated or criticized. Only when your thoughts are collected will it be convenient for you to construct good film essay topics.
There are many types of essays and the essay topic depends on the respective type. An essay on film could be either a descriptive essay or a narrative essay. Topics for these types should not be very long. Topics with a high word count will bore the readers for sure. They must be short and crisp and convey the essence of the entire essay in a few words. It is pretty hard to do that and one can do it well only when a detailed study of the film is done. A film essay is not necessarily a film review. The professor does not intend to find out if the movie is good or bad from your essay – rather, he intends to test your understanding of the film and your knowledge of film language and the different facets of the film industry. Therefore you are not exactly expected to pass a judgment on the movie, rather analyze its various aspects. Film essay topics can also be based on that. There are many functions that play a role in the making of a film and your essay should talk about at least a few of them. Thus the topics for film essays should make the readers curious about the movie from different perspectives.
The major parts of a film essay should talk about what can be inferred from the story rather than the story itself. The time in which the concept was conceived should be kept in mind while writing the essay. If the movie is about a particular issue, the situations back when the concept was developed could be explained, if it would support the essay. A student essay on these topics should have more points on theories associated with the particular film. What the theory states and how it has been applied in the film can be analyzed. Hence, the film essay topics should basically induce curiosity in the readers. Custom essays and Custom research papers can also be based on film analyses.
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