How to Write Interesting English Essay Topics?

How to Write Interesting English Essay Topics?An essay is usually a small piece of writing that the writer writes from his own point of view. Students usually have to write essay on different topics related to their area of study and are awarded marks for doing so. Believe me when I say writing an essay is easier than finding a topic for it! English essay topics are a little hard to construct as the entire essence of the essay should be conveyed in just a few words. There are no set rules to write a topic; however it is always better to keep in mind that the word limit should not exceed ten. If it does, it would be like asking the readers to ignore your essay. They would lose focus and it would be the last thing in the world that could impress them. Topics should always be short and simple. That is why constructing them is always difficult!
Topics for essays usually depend on the types of the essays. There are mainly four types of essays. They are descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. Interesting essay topics could be written for many of these types such as narrative or expository. Expository essay topics are perhaps the easiest to write and the English essay topics that can easily induce curiosity in the readers. It is mainly because most of these topics are in the form of questions. ‘How to keep the house free from pests?’ is an example for an expository essay topic. Here, the writer probably has found out some ways to keep the house free from pets and wishes to instruct the readers on those lines. An expository essay is that which lists down specific instructions or guidelines to do a particular task and the topic for an expository essay depends on the subject matter. It could be a ‘How to’ topic or something like ‘4 steps to reduce body fat’ and so on. These topics usually capture the attention of the readers.
For essay types such as descriptive and narrative the topic must be very crisp and must ‘catch the eye’. Descriptions could sometimes be boring but never should descriptive essay topics be. They must inform the readers what the essay is about and at the same time make it not-too-long. Remember, it is the essay that should be descriptive- not the topic! English essay topics should also be in such a way that it is etched in the minds of people for days to come!. The ‘narrative’ category is something in which the writer is given maximum liberty to write as he wishes to write as it is mostly in first person. Persuasive essay topics are also usually long as the essay persuades the reader to do a certain task. Term papers and custom research papers also have topics such as these to be constructed. Essay help on these can be obtained from experts. Then, writing English essay topics would become the easiest thing in the world! And the most interesting too!
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