The Loveliest Love Story Ever Written!

The Loveliest Love Story Ever Written!Pride and Prejudice essay questions are based on the novel by Jane Austen. It is a classic romance novel that revolves around the lives of Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy. A student essay related to literature would mostly be based on such classics. The language used is impeccable and is, in essence, totally British- to the core. This sort of a fact may be mentioned in an English essay also. One cannot help noticing how formal the British people were during the time when the book was written. For example, a husband addresses his wife by the surname and vice versa! These extreme formalities may strike us as something strange and ridiculous but, apparently, that was how they were at the time. It was a period when social status and manners and customs were given the utmost importance. Pride and Prejudice essay questions would mostly be based on the lives of the British people during the early period and the like. Essay help on such topics can be obtained from experts. Sometimes, research paper writing is also done on such literary work. The nutshell of the novel is as follows.
Elizabeth Bennet is the second of five sisters born to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. She is the smart and witty kid, in contrast with her elder sister, Jane, who is shy and gentle. When Elizabeth first meets Mr. Darcy, she is filled with contempt and dislike towards the man, as her first impression of him is that he is proud and so full of himself. However, eventually she finds herself falling in love with the man she thought she despised. True love is something that happens to someone without any warning. One cannot be forced to fall in love with a person nor can one stop oneself from falling in love – it happens with no reason or rhyme for it is something that happens in the heart and not the mind. Pride and Prejudice essay questions may also be on true love. Essay writing, when it comes to such questions, is usually easy and interesting.
Here, similarly, Darcy first expresses his feelings and admits to Elizabeth that he is in love with her, even though his logical reasoning and circumstances point otherwise. He declares his love for her, and to his surprise Elizabeth turns down his offer of marriage. She accuses him of ruining her sister’s happiness and announces that Darcy would be the ‘last man on earth that she would ever be prevailed upon to marry’.
Unexpected turn of events follow and Elizabeth slowly discovers that Darcy is a good person, after all and finds herself helplessly in love with him. Pride and Prejudice essay questions would mostly be based on the following. A good essay can be written when the following points are considered.
• The Bennet family
• Character sketch of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy
• Biography of the author Jane Austen
• Comment on the usage of the language
• Inference from the novel and so on.
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