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Importance Of Essay Topic…An essay is a piece of writing that the author writes from his or her own point of view. Essay writing is one of the many assignments that are given to students. They are asked to write essay on any topic of their interest. There are many types of essays namely descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. An essay topic is probably the most important part of an essay as it is the first thing that a reader notices. The topic must not be too long as it strains the reader’s eye. Also it is likely that the readers will get confused when they are forced to read long sentences in a topic. Writing a topic may pose a challenge to some people because it is not always easy to condense an idea into a few words. The topic must essentially talk about the essence of the essay. In the case of custom research papers, it is perhaps right if there is a reasonably long title, as there is a lot to convey.
The topic must also induce the curiosity of the readers. Where there is a mystery, there is curiosity. When people do not find an answer in the topic itself, they tend to read the entire essay. So, the essay topic should be in such a way as to make the readers wonder what the essay could talk about a particular issue. Here, one should not get confused. A topic should essentially convey the essence of the essay in a few words; however, it would have a better appeal if something is held back from the readers. This would make them more curious about the subject matter of the essay.
There are many types of essay titles. The topic may be in the form of a question. Eg. ‘How can one maintain a healthy body?’ This sort of a topic poses a question and the answer lies in the essay. There are also questions that are rhetoric in nature; the question does not require an answer. For instance, ‘How can you not cry when you witness poverty?’ In this topic, the writer does not pose a question seeking an answer. The question is its own answer. This essay topic only means that the writer feels that one cannot be without crying while witnessing poverty. This question is rhetoric and such titles have a more effective impact on readers. It also expresses strong emotions, sometimes.
Other types include prediction, speculation, and comparison and so on. A topic can state what might happen in the near future while talking about a particular subject. For instance, ‘Mobile phones will replace computers in a while’ could be a good example for prediction. The topic lightly states what is likely to happen in the near future. Similarly, a topic could also be in the form of comparison. ‘Books Vs Television’ could be a standard example for comparison. Here, one compares two things and the essay is likely to be about the pros and cons of the issues or objects or subjects. One can refer many websites to know more about the importance of an essay topic. One can also refer many websites to know more about custom essays.
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