How to Write English Essay?

How to Write English Essay?Writing an English essay has become very common in all schools and colleges around the world. When a particular school or college is an English medium, any assignment given to them will be in English. Though English is acclaimed as an international language, there are many people who make common mistakes in both written and spoken English be it American English or British English.
One should keep in mind that the written form is different from the spoken form of any language. One of the most common mistakes that people make while writing is spelling certain words in the same way as they speak. For example, people tend to write I’ve, you’ve, isn’t, etc instead of I have, you have, is not, etc which is the correct form of written English. SMS language has also become a big influence for writers. Without realizing they tend to use short forms like dat, 4ever, etc while writing instead of that and forever. One should remember while writing an English essay or for that matter any professional writing that short forms will be considered a big error. Using short forms in writing is one of the common mistakes that writers make.
Before starting to write, a writer should have a clear idea of what the content is going to be. This is very important for a good essay. The writer should also know the tact of playing with words. When writing content a bit of novelty and hype is required so that the content is not too monotonous and boring after a point. A writer should not stick to only factual information or only examples. He should be able to give a right combination of information, facts and examples. This is very important for any content. The writer should make sure that the writing is not too boring for the readers to read.
English essay has a particular essay format that needs to be followed. This is a general rule that is followed by any essay. The essay should be in a particular order- introduction, thesis, body and conclusion. Any essay should follow this order. When dividing the body of the essay into paragraphs, the information given in each paragraph should be equal. The language should be proper. A particular tense should be followed throughout the essay. For example, if the essay is started in present tense then the entire essay should be in present tense.
These are a few points that are required to be remembered by the writer for providing a good English essay. If you still have a doubt, you always have custom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your term papers, research papers and so on.
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