Write an Interesting Essay on Romeo and Juliet!

Write an Interesting Essay on Romeo and Juliet!What to Write in a Romeo and Juliet Essay?
Romeo and Juliet essay can be interesting to write if the writer knows all about the play and its writer. William Shakespeare, the writer and creator of one of the world’s famous romance cum tragedy plot- Romeo and Juliet. Till date it is considered as one of the world’s best romance play ever created and many artists sight this play as an example in many of their works. Shakespeare, a well renowned playwright himself has written many plays like Hamlet, taming of the shrew and many more, he is equally famous for his poems.
The main crux of the Romeo and Juliet is the unconditional love between a young man and woman whose family has been in feuds for generations. Both the families are rich, well known and respected in the society but the long-time grudge among their fore fathers still stood between them. There have been wars and deaths raging between them and never love.
When writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, the writer should be able to bring out the emotions of the play in his or her writing. The characterization should be done perfectly bringing out the portrayal perfectly in writing.
Writing an essay over a play is really a big challenge. The main disadvantage is almost all the readers will know about the entire play. A writer instead of writing it as an informative essay can write it as an informal essay writing about his point of view in the essay. The essay can also be written in a form of a review over the play giving the points that the writer derived from it.
The plus and the minus or the PROS and the CONS of the essay can also be written as the Romeo and Juliet essay. The writer can write about the interesting facts or scenes in the play that he or she enjoyed the most or can write about the setbacks in the essay that could have been dealt in a better way. Romeo and Juliet have come as numerous movies and serials, the essay can be on them also. The essay can be made interesting or as a type of informal essay by writing on how the plot of Romeo and Juliet have been adopted for different movies and novels around the world. This essay can be written on the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the story for a particular artwork. This will be a different kind of essay and people will enjoy reading them. This will also enlighten them on the myriad artworks that have copied the world famous play.
If the essay is given as an assignment to a student, then he or she can write according to the question given to them. It is important to read the play before writing about it.
These are some of the genres that can be adopted by the writer for writing a Romeo and Juliet essay. If you still have a doubt, you always havecustom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your term papers, research papers and so on.
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