The Different Types of Leads are the Starters of an Article!

The Different Types of Leads are the Starters of an Article!Different Types of Leads for an Article…
Leads helps in starting an essay. A lead is the introduction or the beginning of an article or a story. It is challenging to write as it is the introduction to the writer and sets the tone of writing. A good lead will always give the reader an idea of the entire article. There are many types of leads that can be followed for any form of formal writing. Here are some of the types that a reader can follow for any form of writing like research paper writing, writing of essays, term papers, articles for papers and many more.
Summary lead:
This type of lead gives a sketch of the entire subject. It covers questions like what, when, where, who, why and how. This type of lead is usually adopted by writers when they are describing or writing about a situation. This will give an idea to the reader about the entire scenario. For example, in bus accident that happened in the national highway yesterday, two passengers were killed and five were injured.
Question lead:
Starting an article by asking a question is one of the interesting types of leads. These leads are more effective when a writer is writing an essay on environmental issues, argumentative essays and many more. These leads are followed to make the reader think about the situation that the writer is writing about. In this type of lead, the writer starts the article by asking a question or questions. For example, are high salary packages a boon or a curse to the youngsters?
Quotation lead:
Starting an article by giving personal or other people’s quotation is also an interesting lead. The quotations should be given within double quotes. The article starts with these quotations. These leads are followed when the writer wants to adopt creativity for his writing. Quotes relating to the subject will also be interesting. For example, “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. “, said George W. Bush Address after the US after hijack attacks on the US World Trade Centers and Pentagon.Narrative and descriptive are the most common types of leads.
Narrative lead:
These leads are followed for the narrative form of writing. These leads will be in the narrative form. For example, hundreds of years ago, during the middle age period, when there was no difference in sex, the female population was given more rights.
Descriptive lead:
The lead starts by describing something. It is used for descriptive form of writing. For example, any form of description that is given in the starting of the article can be termed as a descriptive lead.
An effective lead will always engross the readers into reading further. The above leads are some of the basic and common types of leads used by the readers. There are other types of leads like: staccato lead, contrast lead, future lead, anecdotal lead, etc. if you still have a doubt, you have custom essays at your service!
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