Tips for Deciding the Question for an Argumentative essay

Tips for Deciding the Question for an Argumentative essayArgumentative essay makes the Readers Think…
Argumentative essay is very interesting as the readers can also be active participants. They can also think over the topics given by the points given by the writer and pass their own judgments. These types of essays provide information and also give room for arguments. The writer should also provide two major ideas to the issue, the supporting ideas and the opposing ideas. It is best to have equal number of points for both the ideas. The points may vary depending on the type of topic chosen by the writer.
Choosing topics for the argumentative essay is a very challenging task. Here are some of the points to be kept in mind while choosing a topic or a question for an argumentative essay:
Narrow down the question:
Make the topic very specific. There should not be too much room for the arguments. For example, sleeping drugs should not be prescribed for people- it is a wrong question and doctors prescribe these pills for certain patients.
The question can be:
Sleeping pill should not be prescribed for pregnant ladies- this is correct as it will provide a valuable argument.
It should not be general:
The topics taken should not be very general as it may provide myriad argument and cannot be conclusive. For example, people should not use cell phones (this is a very wide topic)
The question can be re-formed as: college students should not use cell phones. This is not general as the question concentrates only on the particular class of people in the society and not everyone.
Personal opinions should be avoided:
Personal opinions or feelings should be avoided in an argumentative essay. The argumentative essays are general topic and do not evolve around a person’s personal opinion. The question should not be formulated according to a personal point of view. The question should be open for both the sides that are the PROS and the CONS of the topic. For example, I feel that marriage is not required. This cannot be taken as an argumentative topic as the question denotes a personal opinion. This opinion may vary. It will become more of a personal essay. So the question must be made more general.
An argumentative essay is not a comparison essay in which two subjects are compared. This type is more like the opinions of people. These are some of the tips for choosing a good topic. If you still have a doubt, you always have custom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your term papers, research papers and so on.
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