An Essay Comparing Two Works!

An Essay Comparing Two Works!How to Write an Effective Comparison Essay?
Comparison essay is all about comparing the works of the same genre. There are different types of essays of this particular genre. Some of them are given below:
Two works of the same person:
Comparing and writing on two different works of the same person is very common. For example, if an author has written two different books, then people tend to compare the books and write an essay. The main points that will be compared in this type are mainly the difference in the writing style of the author. The minus and plus in both the books. These essays are mainly written when the author adopts a different writing style or genre for the book. If an author is good in romance and suddenly writes a thriller, then it will open a comparison for the writer to write.
A work of two different persons:
This is common in both books and in movies. When two actors are in an equal fame, then their style of acting and their works will be compared by writers. These types of comparison essay can be in the form of article also. These essays can contain the strength and weakness of the actors. The same thing is applicable for the works of two different actors who are at the same level. When a person wants to write an essay on comparison, then the writing style of the essay will be different. In case of two different authors, the writing styles of both of them will be scrutinized by the writers. The plus and the minus of both the writers will also be seen. To do this comparison, the writer should have read the book of both the authors.
Same theory given by two people:
These types of comparison essay can be seen in economics. Many economists have given same theories for a particular subject. Many theories were influenced by the living style of the people at a particular period. A theory given by an economist at the 19th century will be different from the theory given by another economist in the 20th century. Thus the same theories have different during the different periods. For example, the theories given by Adam Smith were different from the theories given by Alfred Marshall.
A writer will be able to get adequate and valuable points for this type of comparison essay as it will be easier to quote the similar theories given by different economists.
These are some of the types that can be considered for the essay.A writer should remember to have a proper essay outline for this type of essay.
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