Sharing an Experience Through an Essay!

Sharing an Experience Through an Essay!How to Re-construct Events in a Narrative Essay?
Narrative essay is an essay on the experiences of the writer or the points of view of the writer. There is nothing more interesting than providing a great narrative that engrosses the readers. A good narrative always takes the readers into the scenario that is being portrayed in the narrative.By reconstructing the past events, it helps in developing new and subtle perspectives.
Features of a narrative essay:
Narrative writing is basically reconstructing the past events into writing. The narrative can be the personal experiences of the writer in the past or the present or it can be on the experiences of the other people that have influenced the writer. A narrative is chiefly written to convey a message or a lesson.
Constructing an experience:
In a narrative essay, the writer should construct the experience in the form of writing. First, the writer should develop an effective essay outline that will help him while writing the essay. It should not be in the form of message; the writer should use vivid descriptions and details of the experience. A writer should remember that the readers did not have the experience that he is writing; he should be able to transfer the readers to the place and time of the experience.
The introduction for the essay should contain the place, time and the type of the experience. This will give an idea to the reader about the significance of the experience. The can be done in a vice verse- narrating the experience first and then giving the significance in the last.
The last part of the narrative essay should contain the writer’s feel of the experience. The lesson gained through the experience and so on.
Tips for writing a good essay:
A writer should be able to select a relevant experience that can be communicated to the people through writing. The significance of the essay should be known to the writer. The writer should be able to recollect as much incident as possible of the experience if it had happened in the past. These provide a skeleton for the entire essay. The rest depends on the writing style of the writer. The writer should know how to provide a good narrative. An important point that should be considered is- there should be a flow to the writing. One incident should lead to another.
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