Essay Prompt- A Helping Hand for Essay Writers

Essay Prompt- A Helping Hand for Essay WritersHow to Write an Essay Prompt?
Essay prompts are a guide to people who have doubts in writing an essay. The prompts will guide the writers on the steps that have to be followed in writing an essay. It gives a step by step guidance in the writing an essay. Prompts in short are guidelines for starters in writing.
Sometimes professors might ask the students to write prompts according to the way they understood the writing. A tutor may ask a student to include the rules that has to be followed in a particular form of writing. These prompts will be written by students according to their understanding ability and the way they have grasped the situation. These types of topics will be given to students in a more advanced level and not in high school level. The main reason for giving these essay prompts as topics at a higher level is because these essays should be a guide to others and not be corrected by them.
Prompts for essays might be given as timed writing. This means one has to keep up with the time given for the essay and give the best. This form of timed writing is always challenging and has the best out come. If a student has not practiced a timed writing, it is best to start doing that. Timed writing will help a student to increase efficiency in writing and grasping points. This will also help in writing according to an essay plan and essay format without the problem of omitting anything.
As essay prompts are most given in the time writing form of genre, it is best to have a proper plan for the essay. Planning will always reduce the time for writing an essay. The next most important point to be kept in mind is to have an outline for an essay. Outlining an essay will not take much time and gives the student an idea on the points that needs to be included and excluded in the essay.
Even if the prompts are not given timed writing, it is best to have a proper essay outline. The best thing to do is to learn the ways an essay outline is being written. Outlining an essay will always provide the writer with the ways and the points that needs to be written in an essay.
The writer will be given with topics of the prompts. There are many types of essay prompts like college essay prompts, descriptive essay prompts, narrative essay prompts and other types of prompts. The type of prompt will be mentioned to the writer and the writer should write the prompt accordingly. Prompts are easy to write when the writer has a complete knowledge in the rules and regulations of writing an essay.
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