Discussion Essay Topics can be Written on any Field

Discussion Essay Topics can be Written on any FieldInteresting Discussion Essay Topics on Different Fields…
Discussion essay topics can be on any field, right from the present news to the problems faced by a country or the environment. Discussion essay introduces a topic and elaborates on it. The writer gives his own opinion on the topic. The discussion helps in producing various points of view which helps the professional to see the particular subject in different angles. These types of essays are good at producing answers to the topics that is being discussed in the essay. One important rule in this type of essay is that the writer should possess complete knowledge on the topic that is being discussed to give his personal points of view.
Here are some interesting discussion essay topics:
• The recent economic crisis that has lead to the fall of many software companies and the unemployment problems in these companies. What do you think?
• Will the engineering field fall with the over-crowded professionals in the field?
• Terrorism has become a major problem to all the countries around the world. Will they affect the economy in the future?
• Hotel management and tourism is the fastest upcoming field now. What is the employment prospectus for this field in the future?
• Should the government system in the developing countries change? If so, will it be for the better prosperity of the countries?
• What are the positive points and the negatives in the 20-20 cricket game? Is it a welcoming change to the cricket field?
• Should the education system be made common all over India? What is your view on the present education system in the country?
• Which is the upcoming field around the world? What is the future prospective for the field?
• Should the be students allowed to select their own field in the 10th grade or should they wait until they go to high school? What are your views?
These are some of the good and interesting discussion essay topics. These essays can also be written on the recent happenings around the world. For example:
Merging of cricket and entertainment:
The Indian Premier League famously known as the IPL which started last year has set a new trend to the cricketing world. With different movie stars owning different teams, entertainment and cricket has been merged through IPL. Though it’s attracting the public from around the world and gaining more and more publicity, cricket has become more of an entertainment than a sport. The true sportsmanship is being lost through this form. This form has also proved that players of different countries can get together and help their team win in the true spirit! Buy essays, we will write it just for you! Only custom written papers!
Like this many interesting incidents can be discussed under discussion essay topics. If you still have a doubt; you always have custom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your essays, term papers, research papers and so on!
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