A Literature Review Example on a Movie and Book

A Literature Review Example on a Movie and BookA Professional Literature Review Example from Editorial Reviews
Literature review example can be given according each field. Reviews are a summary of a work but the essay format is not followed for this type of writing. Here is an example on different reviews according to different fields:
Two children concoct an elaborate scheme to cover up the loss of a pair of shoes in this family drama from Iran. Ali (Mohammad Amir Naji) and Zahra (Mir Farrokh Hashemian) are a brother and sister growing up in a poor neighborhood. Ali is asked to pick up Zahra’s shoes from the repair shop, since she needs them to attend school. Ali keeps them outside a market, and moments later they’re swiped by a beggar. Ali and Zahra are convinced that their parents will be furious when they discover the shoes have been lost, since they can’t afford a new pair, so Ali gets an idea — Zahra is scheduled to attend classes in the morning, while Ali goes to school in the afternoon. Zahra can wear Ali’s sneakers to school, and she’ll give them off to Ali when he comes in for the afternoon session. They hope the scheme will work long enough to keep Zahra in school until her shoes can be found, but matters get more complicated when Ali is entered in a 4k run. Bacheha-Ye Aseman was a surprise international success, earning enthusiastic reviews around the world and winning the Grand Prix du Americas at the 1997 Montreal Film Festival. The movie has been taken naturally showing the poverty in small but with an impact. Though it drags a bit in the middle, it is an amazing and a must watch movie- this is a literature review example for a movie.
Da vinci code is a critically acclaimed book written by the famous and renowned author- Dan Brown. Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor of symbology who can’t stay out of trouble. Last seen in Angels and Demons (2000), this mild-mannered academic professor finds himself entangled in a deadly conspiracy that stretches back centuries. Visiting Paris on business, he is awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a call from the police: An elderly curator has been murdered inside the Louvre, and a baffling cipher has been found near the body. Aided by the victim’s cryptologist granddaughter, Langdon begins a danger-filled quest for the culprit; but the deeper he searches, the more he becomes convinced that long-festering conspiracies hold the answer to the art lover’s death. The book is fast spaced, edge-of-seat thriller keeping the readers engrossed till the last. Though this book has gained much opposition from the church, it is a favorite among the readers. This is a literature review example on a movie.
These are the two examples of review given by professionals on two critically acclaimed works. Literature reviews can be written on various other fields also. Look into news papers and you will be able to find many more examples on different literature reviews. If you still have a doubt; you always have custom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your essays, term papers, research papers and so on!
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