Controversial essay topics and ways to deal with them: It’s like walking the tight rope

Controversial essay topics and ways to deal with them: It’s like walking the tight ropeControversial essay topics are mostly related to political, religious or society beliefs which have equal supporters from both the sides. There are abundant proofs for both the pros and cons of such issue and have various outlooks to it. Such topics used in essay writing, analyze the capacity of the writer to have a stand on an issue and the way he or she supports it. It is expected from the writer to have an opinion about the topic but still be tolerant of the opposite viewpoint. It is like walking a tight rope and maintaining your balance.
Some of the very controversial topics are listed as follows:
• Abortions
• Stem cell technology
• Adoption
• Animal rights and experimentation
• Euthanasia
• Child abuse and Child trade
• Bioethics
• Cloning
• Medical Ethics
• Laws for Pedophilia
• Capital punishments
• Pornography
• Dress codes in school
• Right to bear arms
• Sex education
• Abstinence before marriage
• environmental ethics
• Sexual harassment
• Homosexual marriages and parenting
• Genetic engineering
• Internet Censorship
• Iraq war
• Drinking Age
• Hate Crimes
• Advertising ethics
• Nudism in Florida
• Discrimination in work place
• Steroids
• Weapons of mass destruction
And the list goes on and beyond. These issues are very sensitive in nature and have to be handled tactfully. In case of abortion, this topic has been debatable for a long time and for decades together the supporters of both sides have vehemently tried to justify their viewpoint. We have a side which tries to defend the rights of females who are forcefully or ignorantly pushed towards motherhood and cannot handle the unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy cannot only put the physical but also mental health of the bearing mother on great deal of risk. The other side supports the birth right of a baby, even if it is unborn and justifies the protection of a life. In very similar lines falls the controversial essay topic of Stem cell technology. The technology deals with harvesting cells which has the capacity to replicate as any kind of tissue and repair any kind of damage possible to a human body. But these cells have to be obtained from the embryos. That is you have to kill a conceived baby or do an abortion to obtain the cells. The choice like before lies between killing a life to save another.
You may support any side you believe in but your belief must be rational and should be backed up with substantial data. Beside the ethics and morals that have to be discussed in the essay writing dealing with controversial essay topics, the data collected also have to be reasonably argued. It is important that you come across as a writer who has complete understanding of the topic and the controversy related to it. It is necessary to show your capacity to analyze the situation and then underline your take on the whole thing. If it is still difficult to get a fair idea, for essay help try looking for sample essays which can give better insight.
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