World War I Essay

World War I EssayYour Approach towards Writing a World War I Essay
A World War I essay is generally assigned to students who are from a historical faculty. Despite of plenty of information available the topic is a bit difficult to write on. Many students find it difficult to choose a specific topic on which they can focus their entire essay. However, this process can be made easy if students read more books and articles pertaining to World War I.
World War I was one of the wars which changed the political and economic structure of many European countries. Thousands were killed and its repercussions were felt on the entire world. There are still lots of debates conducted even today on World War I. This is mainly because of the historical scientists who come up with new theories and explanations that relate to the events of the World War I.
Tips to write World War I essays.
Just as you write your own opinion when you are asked to write an essay about myself here also you need to give your own ideas and opinions. But this is not enough. To make the essay more effective you must have plenty of information about the theories, opinions and critics about the First World War. Once you gather all the information, choose a topic which you find interesting. A student with an historical educational background may find this easy but those who don’t have any historical background should mention main issues in the World War I essay.
Approach towards writing your World War I essay
1. Discuss the causes that led to the First World War. Though these facts are not new they are worth mentioning in your essay. Write the causes in the introductory paragraph. Give a thesis in the last statement of your introductory paragraph.
2. Once you have the causes, describe the effects of the First World War. The Treaty of Versailles, the Treaty of Sevres and the Treaty of Saint-Germain, mention all the facts. Mention the importance of these documents in your essay.
3. Compare and analyze the two alliances between which the First World War fought – Entente Powers and Central Powers. Give reasons on how these alliances were formed and the problems they faced during the war.
Follow this approach to write strong and impacting World War I essays. Whether you write Urdu essays or English essays, you will have to conduct good amounts of research. In the same way, research about the issues of World War I, analyze these issues, collate them properly and write the essay.
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