Three Paragraph Essay

Three Paragraph EssayA Guide To Write a Three Paragraph Essay
There are situations where students have to write a three paragraph essay as a part of their admission procedure. The main motive behind giving this essay to students is to make them learn the structure and format of an essay. In other words, it helps students to apply their knowledge, organize their innate thoughts and perceive the basics of writing an essay in a proper format. Once the students master the act of writing three paragraph essays then they can easily move on to write a five paragraph essay.
Following is a guide to write three paragraph essays
1. Visualize the essay in your mind: Whether you are writing Urdu essays or essays in English, the best way to start an essay is to first visualize it in your mind. In this case, you will have to first structure your essay into three parts: the introduction, the body and conclusion. Your introduction must contain the statement of purpose or the thesis. In the body section, elaborate your thesis. Finally, in the conclusion, reiterate your thesis in a different way and give a conclusion which will leave the reader thinking.
2. Choose a topic and focus on your thesis statement: If you are asked to write a type of “essay about myself” then decide what all you are going to write about yourself in the essay. You can talk about your positive as well as negative points. Once you are aware of what you want to write then you will get a fair idea about three points you want to include in the essay. In the conclusion, write a statement that will finalize your stand about yourself or the topic provided to you.
3. Edit and Proofread your final draft: Once you are done with your three paragraph essay read it loudly. This will help you identify sentences that may confuse the reader. It will also help you to identify the grammatical errors, typo errors and other ambiguous words. While proofreading, see if the thesis is coming out clearly to the reader. You can give the essay to other person to read and then ask that person whether he/she was able to understand what you want to say.
These were some of the tips which if you follow in a proper manner will definitely help you to write good three paragraph essays. Remember, the job essay writing is a difficult one but if you have the right kind of guidance and a good approach then you can really end-up writing good essays.
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