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Essay on DrugsA guide to write Essay on Drugs
Drugs have long been a cause of concern for our society. Drug problems are increasing rapidly. Drug addiction has caused concerns for people from all age groups and mainly for the teenagers as they are the most vulnerable to drug addiction.
For your entrance exam you will be given topics such as write essay about myself or write an essay about drugs. When you will be given an essay on drugs you will have to put forward your point of view on drugs. The course instructor will search for points that will strongly test your knowledge and opinion on drugs and the general viewpoints on drugs.
Points to consider while writing essays on drugs:
Types of drugs and their availability
The effects they have on people
Reasons for drug addiction
Concerning facts about drugs
Effects of drugs on health, psychology and society
Government measures to eradicate drug use
Legalization of drugs
Whether you write English essays or Urdu essays on drugs make it a point that you back your essay with a strong research. You can choose a single point and then elaborate it throughout your essay. For instance, you can choose either legalization of drugs or effects of drugs. Or you can take the topic of drugs as a whole and describe all the points individually. Essay on drugs can take any form such as, cause and effect or argumentative or a research based essay.
Follow these guidelines while writing essays on drugs:
While discussing about drugs, give information on the type of drugs available and what harm they may cause to a human being when taken in excess. For instance, Marijuana is a drug which when consumed in excess has harmful effects. Elucidate on how easily they are accessible to a person and their distribution among people. Also, list the possible reasons why people become drug addicts. These may include short term happiness, means of relieving stress, curiosity, and so on.
Discuss the harmful facts related to drugs and effects they have on health and social life. For instance, explain how drugs can affect the normal functions of body. Provide some striking revelations in your essay to make it stand out from the crowd.
List some of the government initiatives to curb drug use and easy circulation. The law does not allow manufacturing and circulation of harmful drugs to common public. For instance, in the United States, organizations such as Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) monitor illegal activities of drugs. Also, to educate students of the harmful effects of drugs the government has formed Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE). Include these points in your essay.
You can also include the point of legalization of drugs which is a major topic of discussion in recent days. Though there have been mixed reactions from the society on this issue you provide your point of view. Some feel drug use itself is dangerous and legalizing it will only worsen the issue, whereas others feel it may reduce the violence related to drugs at least towards the ones that are not much harmful to health.
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