Annotated Bibliography: Citation

Annotated Bibliography: CitationCitation is a reference to a source of material cited when writing an essay a research paper or any kind of research papers that need a lot of information to be used, digested and provided in. The reference should not contain useless information as, for instance, author’s biography or the way this or that source, no matter if it is a book or a magazine, was created. The one and the only aim of the citation is to identify the source of the citation. Citations are found in the research papers, bibliographies.
Depending on the type of citation and the style required, citations may be put either in the body of the text, regular type of citation for the MLA citation style, or at the bottom of the page, generally referred to as footnotes, or in the end of any paper, in the end notes.
Depending on the source cited, the citations should contain information regarding the author of the source, title of the source, date of publication and the publisher, if needed. To make citations easy to work with, a number of organizations created their own citation styles. The most important citation styles are: the APA citation style, mostly used for social sciences; the Chicago citation style, mostly used for humanities; the Harvard citation style, famous for its short references; the MLA citation style, created for literary criticism; the IEEE citation style and a number of others. It is important to stick closely to the format of the citation style required as they differ and provide information that might not be needed or, vice versa, can lack the information needed.
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