What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?Annotated bibliography is a type of document consisting of citations of books, articles or other sources. Each source cited is followed by a brief description of its content (usually150-200 words).
An annotated Bibliography aims to inform the reader about accuracy, quality and relevance of the sources cited.
To correctly write an Annotated Bibliography, one should possess quite some writing skills. They are: informed library research first of all, succinct analysis and concise exposition.
When writing an Annotated Bibliography, you should find and record the citations for your sources, which may contain ideas related to your topic. Then review the items and chose those that have the most perspective as for your topic. Cite the source using a proper format. Write a brief summary that includes the central idea and the scope of the source chosen. Include brief information about the author, about his authority or background; comment on what the audience is intended to; compare this work with the others cited before and explain how this work enlightens the topic of your bibliography.
The annotation should be written in a paragraph form. The volume of the annotations can vary from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. If your annotation is just a summary of the book cited, then it may consist of just a couple of sentences. But if it is an extensive analysis of a book, it can be very long.
While making up an annotated bibliography you are welcome to use CUL Publications 7 and 8, MLA Citation Style and APA Citation Style. Which style is preferred should be agreed with the instructor.
Sometimes an annotation can be taken as an abstract; still there is a great difference between them. Abstracts are purely descriptive, generally located at the beginning of a book; a journal is aimed to give a general idea about the work. While annotations are not just descriptive, they are mainly critical summaries exposing the author’s point of view
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