Dissertation Writing: Formal Research Proposal

Dissertation Writing: Formal Research ProposalIt is 3 am, a nice fresh night outside, and you are listening to the “In Love with Dissertation Writing” radio. For those who are still with us, we are going to tell how to write a formal research proposal for a dissertation.
A formal research proposal usually consists of five sections that you have to include. But before writing one, make it easier on you and do some preliminary preparations. There are a few questions that usually cause problems, so we are going to answer them.
First of all, get things straight with the title. It has to contain a specific question. A good title is like a good thesis statement – it will help you stay focused and organized.
Next, conduct a good literature review. The more you learn about the topic and the researches that have already been carried out, the better you will operate the facts.
Finally, summarize all the information you found in the sources, add your hypothesis to it, and write a couple paragraphs. These preparations will ease it up on you while writing a formal proposal itself.
Formal proposal writing starts with the Title page. As we have already discussed it, the main aspect of this part will be your title question, so keep it self-explanatory. The requirements to the other requisites of the front page are individual: they depend on the field of study, writing style, etc. But one thing we know for sure is that you should put your name on the Title page!
A very important part of the formal research proposal is the Introduction. It has to be written as a text with paragraphs, transition sentences, and other rules applied to writing. But it also has to be more of a dissertation writing format, so it has to include several important parts:
statement of the problem: say what the main question is, the reasons why it is important, and how it is applicable to the nowadays situation;
your hypothesis – a reasonable scientific proposal based not on the known facts and your personal researches;
relevance of the project – the efficiency and rationality of your research as a motivation for writing;
research objective – tell the goal you are pursuing while writing a dissertation;
background information – and you have worked on it, the sources of research.
Almost there, but you also need to write the Methods and Materials part, where using future tense you will describe in details the methodology you will apply to your research, the hopes you have about it, equipment you think will be helpful and productive, and other steps in conducting your investigations.
Now all you have left is the Literature Cited, where you will have to specify all sources you used and leaned on while preparing for writing a dissertation. Stay with us to find out more on writing a dissertation. Good luck and good night.
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