Research Paper: Title Page

Research Paper: Title PageFinally, your research work is completed! The only thing to do is to create a title page for the research paper. Of course, it’s not that easy: it should impress your quarrelsome professor by perfect organizing and sticking to all existing rules of writing a research paper title.
For your research paper title page to be a success, as well as the whole paper, we present here some basic rules of creating it:
select an informative title – be as precise as possible, don’t beat about the bush, summarize the main idea of the paper
include the following information in the order given:
1. Research paper title
2. Secondary title (optional)
3. The author’s full name
4. Your instructor’s name
5. The title of the course
6. Date submitted
use up to two fonts
don’t distract your reader by excessive elements
write simply
type the title of your paper in the center of the sheet, halfway down the page
in the title capitalize only the first letter of important words
on the next double spaced lines place the author’s full name, your instructor’s name, the title of the course and date submitted
Pay attention to the fact that separate research paper titles are not required by some formats. In this case you should write all the information cited above on the first page of the text, in the upper left-hand corner. The title is centered two lines below.
No matter, whether there’s a separate Cover Page for Research Paper or not, the organization of the information presented in it is of much importance, it stands for the whole work.
Let it be as proper as possible!
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