NLM Citation Style

NLM Citation StyleNLM is abbreviated from the National Library of Medicine. This institution has adopted a series of rules for citing different resources, mostly the Internet ones, used in such fields, as medicine, physical therapy and occupational therapy. In these NLM citation style guidelines we will not dwell upon quoting all types of literature.
As for the last ones, we propose you a brief outline of NLM electronic referencing, based on the National Library of Medicine Recommended Formats for Bibliographic Citation.
At the beginning the work was used only by the government and academic institutions with the purpose of exchanging research information and data. Later, when the Internet became an unalienable part of every day life, the Supplement for the manual was adopted with a detailed description of citing materials from the Internet.
Referencing electronic materials in NLM citation style stick to the following rules:
find the name of the author in your document, its title, a place and a date of publication, its publisher and length
after the title include in square brackets a medium designator, [Internet]
in case there is no author, list the resource under its title
in case there is no clear title, look for the most meaningful words or the title bar of your browser
write the place of publication – the location of the sponsor of the resource, if you can’t find it use [place unknown]
include dates – use a year-month-day format; the dates to be included are: the date of publication and the date of citation
note length – include the item’s size or the number of screens it takes up.
We hope the information given above will facilitate your Internet resources referencing. NLM Citation style is your personal guide in the avalanche of information.
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