Dissertation Defense

Dissertation DefenseSleepless nights? Have the rat? Your fingers are all thumbs? Nuf said! Your dissertation defense date is approaching. One can hardly find people who are enchanted about this event. The vast majority see their dissertations defense as some sort of trial with ghastly tortures that drop from the clouds on them.
We want you not to become one of the mass. Hope that the information presented below will help you to lull your fears and be on firm ground while defensing your dissertation.
Note 1. Take advantage of the preparation time. If the professors take the chance to read your paper and prepare questions for you, why not do the same? It means that it’s no use being aimlessly distressed about the would-be dissertation if there are so many things to do, like planning your defense, getting informed about the committee and calming your nerves.
Note 2. Your dissertation defense is a performance. Your acting influences much the final result – whether you’ll be met with approval or, on the contrary, die on feet. Therefore, don’t give the committee even the hint of your excitement, be yourself – speak with your own words presenting your major findings. Don’t forget even for a while that you claim to be an expert in the field under consideration and this presentation is just an overview of your results.
Note 3. Know your committee. The first thing you may probably do before your dissertation defense is inquiring your fellow-students about the ones who are going to torture you. This is the right thing to do, as the experience of the people acquainted with your committee may become invaluable. But you should also realize that the information presented to you may be vary subjective, so don’t take everything for granted.
Note 4. Presentation as it is. Normally dissertation defense lasts up to two hours. Our advice is to prepare a 20-25 minute dissertation presentation. Considering interruptions and questions it will expand to the time stated above. When you finish your presentation and answering the committee’s questions you will be asked to leave the room for professors to merit the quality of your work. Then you will rejoin everyone sitting in the room and get the committee’s decision about the work done.
Note 5. Dissertation defense questions. Prepare answers to the following:
How does your subject appeal to you? Why is it worth exploring? What practical use does it have?
What is your research about? What theory is it based on?
What are the results of the previous researches on your topic?
Explain the methodology used.
How is this dissertation connected with your future career?
Note 6. Just keep calm. Demonstrate your knowledge and get “Congratulations, Doctor.”
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