PhD Dissertation

PhD DissertationWriting and defensing a PhD dissertation is the last sticking point in the student’s escaping from the graduate school. This is his original research on a particular problem which represents his accomplishment of the PhD process. The results from PhD dissertations are presented to public opinion. The process of writing dissertations usually finishes with getting the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Just think about future career opportunities that a successful PhD dissertation may offer and don’t throw doubt upon the necessity of the work.
PhD Dissertation: Structure
a dedication page (optional) – include here the names of people to whom your research is dedicated
an acknowledgment section (optional)- express your gratitude to those who helped you in producing the work
a page of contents – denote the page numbers where the reader may find any unit of your work
literature review – present an overview of the literature used in your work, evaluate their accuracy, reliability, see whether they fit each other
methodology – state methods and approaches you are going to employ
an introduction – state the problem, explain theoretical basis for it, analyze the results of previous researches on the PHD Dissertation topic, foresee your own achievements
a main body – present your research in process, giving intermediate results and profound analysis of each point
a conclusion – give objective analysis of the results obtained, define the practical value of your work, say what can be done to improve it
references – reference all the sources used in your PhD dissertation, mind your citation style requirements
appendices – include here the information about the material which was used in your work but is not important enough to keep it in the main text
Points To Consider:
start with creating an outline (include here chapter headings, sub-headings, work out a thesis structure)
present your outline to your adviser, ask for her/his comments
arrange your time-table with your adviser
work regularly
don’t hesitate to make necessary editing and proofreading
take PhD dissertations notes
Success Be To Your Efforts!
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