Theses and Dissertations: Overview

Theses and Dissertations: OverviewA thesis or dissertation is a formal paper that suggests the results of the author’s investigation on a particular dissertation topic which has some important practical value. This document is submitted by the researches who pursue for a degree or professional qualification.
For you to have a general idea what theses and dissertations are and what peculiarities their dissertation writing process has we propose here a brief overview.
Theses and Dissertations: Generalities
Writing a thesis or dissertation is a basic requirement for the degree being sought by the candidates (this may be either undergraduate degree or Ph.D.) Theses and dissertations may acquire various forms up to artistic performance, a painting, a Power Point presentation and the like.
The volume of the thesis is much determined by the degree being sought. The length of the dissertation submitted for an undergraduate degree differs from the one submitted for a Ph.D.
Theses and dissertations are always written according to the requirements of this or that university granting the degree. Note that sticking to the instructions influences the overall impression of your paper and the final approval of it.
Theses and Dissertations: Structure
Obligatory parts of dissertations are: a title page, an abstract, a table of contents and a bibliography. The optional ones are: a dedication page, acknowledgments, an introduction, methodology, results, discussion, appendices, glossaries, list of abbreviations, etc.
Theses and Dissertations: Requirements
Theses and dissertations should meet such requirements, as a proper layout, sound language, accuracy of the information presented, and citation style requirements. If the paper is ready for submission it should bear all necessary signatures, library authorizations and copyright permissions.
One of the basic requirement is that a dissertation should be submitted within certain time limits. So, be aware of the deadline that is usually fixed beforehand, arrange your writing process in the way it allows you to submit your paper in time.
For further instructions consult our articles which provide you with all necessary information about theses and dissertations writing.
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