Writing an APA Dissertation

Writing an APA DissertationTo begin with, we should say that APA dissertation is the one which meets all requirements of the APA citation style. We would like to remind you that APA is abbreviated from the American Psychological Association. Th APA style accumulates all writing principles that are used in the materials of this Association.
Nowadays APA citation style has became a standard writing style used by dissertation writers in education, business and various sciences.
If you consulted your advisor and he instructed you to reference in APA citation style your dissertation should follow the principles presented below:
double-space all text
leave one inch margins
type on a one side paper
leave only one space after punctuation mark
don’t economize the pages
include the title page (here state the title, your full name course name and number, the name of the instructor, the date of submission)
include the reference list, its title is “References”, it comes centered at the top of the page
use the author-date style of citation, i. e. include the author’s last name, the year of publication
arrange the citations in an alphabetical order
don’t number the sources
all references listed should be cited within the text
pagination appears in the right-hand corner starting with the title page
use narrow specific publications as your sources
use “p.” to refer to periodical that has a volume number, while “pp.” for the one without it
better paraphrase than quote
Note that your keeping to the rules cited above will influence much your APA dissertation approval. So, don’t neglect the APA style principles not to spoil impression produced on the defense committee.
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