MLA Format Research Papers

MLA Format Research PapersThe structural organization of MLA format research paper doesn’t differ somehow from other research papers structure. It should be well-organized and composed of:
an introduction where you present your thesis statement, this is the main point you will argue in your paper;
a main body where you provide the reader with the main ideas supporting your thesis, then come the supporting ideas that develop from the main ideas;
a conclusion where you outline the strongest points of your argument
What differs MLA format research papers is a special citation style and paper format required by the Modern Language Association.
We will consider here the main features of MLA format research papers:
doublespace all text;
use one-inch margins throughout the work;
place your last name and page in the top-right corner of each page (one–half inch from the top and one inch from the right side of your paper);
a list of sources used is called Works Cited, it goes on the last page of the paper, centered one inch from the top;
arrange the citations in an alphabetical order, by the author’s last name;
if the author’s or the editor’s name is unknown, alphabetize the items by the first word in the title unless it is an article;
place all citations at the left margin;
in case there are several works of the same author give his full name only for the first citation and use — for every other work by the same author, arrange such items in an alphabetical order by title (excluding articles);
if there’s a range of page numbers indicate them through the dash beginning from the first page where the information was taken: 3-56; 5-67.
if the material cited starts on one page and continues elsewhere in the publication, indicate it with the number of the first page where you’ve come across the material followed by + : 23+, 45+
These rules are not difficult to follow but keeping to them will influence greatly your grade for MLA format research paper.
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