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Discursive Essay WritingWriting a discursive essay remains one of the most common assignments if the tutor wants to check the students’ knowledge on a particular problem and their abilities to present the balanced comprehension of it.
A discursive essay is a piece of formal essay writing which presupposes following some rules.
First, discursive essays are done according to the structure:
the introduction – states clearly the problem of investigation;
the main body – comprises several paragraphs which present a particular point of the problem, it should be illustrated and justified.
the conclusion – summarizes the main ideas of the essay, gives the essay writer’s opinion or restates it depending on the type of an essay.
Second, one should realize that there exist various types of discursive essays and choose the one which suits the best:
Opinion essay requires the author’s supported opinion on a topic which goes together with arguments supporting it. An opposite point of view is also presented in this type of essay. The writer’s main task is to persuade the reader of author’s rightness and to make readers take the same position.
For and against essay is a type of discursive essay where the writer should consider the problems from various points of view. Arguments for and against the problem under consideration are to be presented with as many justifications, examples and reasons as possible. The author’s opinion is also stated. It goes with detailed explanation of its significance.
Essay suggesting solution of problems makes a thorough analysis of the problem, giving possible ways of solving it at the same time. The consequences and the results of the suggested actions are also specified.
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