APA Term Paper Tips

APA Term Paper TipsBefore getting down to writing a term paper consult your professor about the citation style preferences. If he or she does not profess to be a unique supervisor we give you 90% that he/she will choose APA term paper style.
If you read this article it means that we were not mistaken in our assumption and you urgently need some APA term paper tips. Here you are:
APA Term Paper Writing Technique
leave one inch margins;
choose Times New Roman or Arial font of 12th size;
double space all the text;
do not indent the first line;
start page numbering from the title page;
APA Term Paper Title Page
the title page should contain a short title and a number in a top right corner;
the title page includes the title of the paper, running header, the writer’s name, the name of the professor, the course name and the date of submission
APA Term Paper Abstract
this is a short overview of the work done or to be done. It may be written either before the whole paper is completed or only when the whole work is done. The abstract is placed on the second page of the paper and contains up to 120 words.
APA Term Paper Referencing Style
use in-text citations in quotes longer than 40 words;
use the following format for quotations: include the name of the author, the year of publication and the number if the page from where the quote was taken;
while referencing the resource of some thought or idea which were paraphrased or summarized do not include the page number;
site all the secondary sources in-text and at the end of your paper;
place the bibliography titled “references” on the last page of your paper;
arrange the items in an alphabetical order by the author’s last name;
use a hanging indent for a bibliography entry longer than one line;
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